Zepha the Monster Squid is the first beast Tom and Elenna faced in the golden armour, He is found in the western ocean .


Zepha has eight, large, green, powerful tentacles at the bottem of his body, He has a huge,green head and two big, yellow eyes.


Zepha has the ability to create whirlpools and has incredible strength, Because he's a squid Zepha can squirt ink at his opponent to blind he/her.


When Tom and Elenna first meet Zepha they had dived into the whirlpool he had made and thus starting the battle between them, Soon Tom called Sepron to help them defeat Zepha and he, Tom and Elenna had managed to defeat Zepha the Monster Squid. But when Zelpha dies, he explodes into hundreds of little squid. After the battle Tom aquired the beasts prize, the Golden Helmet .

Zepha the Monster Squid

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