Tikron is a large Monkey Beast who appears in Book Three of Series 14, The Cursed Dragon. He has dagger-sharp fangs and he had glowing red eyes due to Kensa's spell. He has a wild, shaggy mane and enormous muscles beneath his pale grey fur. His tail was black due to Kensa's spell , which Tom needed to cut off. He guarded the red root from the hidden tree, which was the third ingredient needed by Tom to prevent Vedra from being corrupted by Kensa's spell.

Tikron lives in Avantia in the Jungle.

He had captured Polk, a jungle dweller and Imma's brother. Tom fought him among the trees and he and Tikron were standing on a branch when Tom cut the branch with his sword , causing them to fall down. Tikron managed to grab another branch with his tail and Tom clung to his ankles. Elenna climbed the tree and severed Tikron's tail with a spear, causing Tom and Tikron to fall again.

When Tom opened his eyes he saw that Tikron was holding him and he was ashamed of not being able to resist Kensa's spell. Tom realised what Elenna had done and he told Imma that he could not go back to her village because he had not found the red root. Tikron grunted and smashed the foot of the trunk of the rotten tree with his claws. Tom saw that a pale, slender sapling was growing deep inside the tree, weak and frail and no taller than Tom's hand.

Tikron gently pulled out the sapling and Tom saw that it had red roots. Tikron laid the plant in Tom's hands and vanished. Tom returned with Imma and Elenna to the Jungle Village and Wick told them that he no longer mistrusted land dwellers. He gifted Elenna a bow that had been in his family for ten generations, since her bow had broken during the fight with Tikron. Tom and Elenna bid goodbye to the villagers and headed through the jungle towards the final Beast, Falra The Snow Phoenix.