Rashouk is a beast in the Forbidden Land.He is the third beast Tom has to fight in series three ( the Amulet of Avantia ).The third piece of the amulet is in his cave.


He is a fat ugly green troll. He is five times as wide as a regular man. His blood is green 


Rashouk's claws carries poisons that turns his victim into stone.He can swing in his caves like a mad monkey using stalagmites and stalactices.He can change to ghostly form. He can live far longer than a regular human. 


He has great aversion to light and he is not immune to his own poison. 

Other: Tom and Elenna fought Rashouk in the Dead Mountains. After witnessing him turn a goat to stone, they fight but to no avail. Tom notices that Rashouk seems afraid of the bright flashes of lightning outside the cave. They expose him to the light and trick him into scratching himself, turning himself to stone. THen, in order to tie up loose ends, they push his body off the cliff so he would stay down.  

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