Narga the Sea Monster


Narga is the third beast that Tom and Elenna face in the realm of Gorgonia and he guards Sepron the sea serpent. The jewel Tom earns gives him a great memory.


Narga is a bright blue sea serpent with a lumpy body and six long necks. Narga has yellow eyes and pupils like a cats. Narga also has a long row of spikes going down his necks.


Narga has enough strength to capsize a ship and defeat Sepron in a fight. His heads can dart around fast enough to avoid Tom's sword most of the fight.


Tom and Elenna first met Narga in the Black Ocean, where Narga thought they were regular travelers and tried to eat Tom.

Trivia Edit

  • In Burmese mythology, Narga is a freshwater snake with glistering green scales and a beautiful golden crest on its head. Any large green snake is now said to be a Narga.

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