Nanook the Snow Monster is the fifth beast Tom and Elenna face in the beast quest series. She is found in the Icy Plains.


Nanook has a large, shaggy body with shaggy white blue fur. She has clawed hands and feet and sharp, white teeth. She has piercing eyes and curved yellow claws.


Nanook's fur gives her protection against extreme cold, She has super strength and can throw blocks of ice at people. One stamp can cause ice to melt!


Nanook has already attacked a nomad boy, Albin, before Tom and Elenna arrive at the Icy Plains. Tom and Elenna first meet Nanook near the frozen river which is where their battle takes place, The source of the curse on Nanook is the bell around her neck which is warming up the plains and melting the ice. Tom manages to get the bell off of Nanook and is given him by Nanook as a gift, and it protects him from extreme cold.


Nanook was created by the Spirit, and was sent to the Beast Academy, where she learnt to be a Protecting Beast. She is 335 years old.