Malvel the evil wizard is the main villain of the Beast Quest series.


He is an old man wearing a hooded cloak.


Malvel's power is very strong.He can attack by shooting beams of magic,using one of his spells.He can also send visions of himself to others in faraway places.

Story Edit

In Beast Quest series one Malvel cast a spell that made the good beasts of Avantia evil and threatens the kingdom of Avantia instead of protecting them but,Tom frees them one by one with the help of Elena,Storm and Silver.In series two(the Golden Armour) he creates his own beasts and unleashes them to steal the Golden Armour,the most precious armour in the kingdom with gives special powers to the rightful wearer.Also,Tom destroy each beasts and recover each piece of the armour one by one.

Apprentice and Masters Edit

Aduro was his former master who taught him magic and spells.Petra is his present apprentice.

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