Kraab is the first beast Tom has to battle in series five(The Shade of Death). He lives in the Gwildorian Ocean which is connected to Avantia's Western Ocea. Tom can fight him underwater by using the magic Gwildorian pearl.


He is an enormous yellow crab with eight long spindy legs and sharp poisonous pincers. The green poison in one of his claw is the key to free him from Velmal's enchantment.


Kraab can tear a person apart by using his claws.His poison is dangerous. Tom let himself being poisoned by Kraab to take off the enchantment. His legs, when stomped on people could leave a hole there.


Tom, Elenna, Storm and Silver first encountered Kraab when the beast rises up from the water in the Gwildorian Ocean and tried to destroy them and their boat. Tom later fought him underwater using the magic Gwildorian Pearl.

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